MSSPOPowerUser - Training - SharePoint Online Power User

Companion material and resources for the course 'SharePoint Online Power User' delivery by Ricardo Cabral

Course Introduction

This course is aimed at all users who want to work collaboratively through Microsoft 365 online tools. This course will demonstrate how to share documents in Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft for work or school (before OneDrive for Business) and Microsoft Teams.

Table of Content

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Group


SharePoint Start Page

Exercise: Create SharePoint Team site

SharePoint Libraray

Exercise: Create Document library

SharePoint restrictions and limitations

Sync SharePoint Libraries to your computer

Exercise: Sync SharePoint document library

SharePoint Approvals without Workflow

Exercise: SharePoint Approvals without workflow


OneDrive Upload and Share files

Exercise: OneDrive share file

Microsoft Teams

Exercise: Add SharePoint in Teams

Section: Course Introduction a Table of Content

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